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100mesh 100% Polyester Silk Screen Printing Mesh for Screen Printing

100mesh 100% Polyester Silk Screen Printing Mesh for Screen Printing

Overview Product Name 100mesh 100% Polyester Silk Screen Printing Mesh for Screen Printing SPRING polyester screen print;
Basic Info.
Model NO. DPP
Warping Machine Benninger
Width 1cm to 370cm
Color White, Yellow, Black, Nbc Yellow
Transport Package Waterproof Plastic,Bubble Bag,Carton,Woven Bag,PAC
Specification Width: 0.1m-3.7m; Mesh Count: 18mesh-500mesh
Trademark SPRING
Origin Shanghai
HS Code 5911200090
Production Capacity 1000000m/Month
Product Description
Product Name

100mesh 100% Polyester Silk Screen Printing Mesh for Screen Printing

SPRING polyester screen printing mesh as our main product is well established all over the world through a good quality and reasonable price.

100mesh 100% Polyester Silk Screen Printing Mesh for Screen Printing

Product Description

SPRING Polyester Screen Printing Mesh Details:

1. Weave type: Plain or Twill weave, most of customers use PLAIN weave mesh.
2. Mesh count: 7T~200T mesh/cm (18mesh/inch to 500mesh/inch)
3. Characteristics: Good stability and finer printing effect
4. Used: Screen printing and filter

SPRING 100Mesh Polyester Screen Printing Mesh Features & advantages:

1. Hard wear
2. Long working life
3. Even opening and Standard size
4. High tension and Low elongation
5. Acid resistance and Alkali resistance
6. Faster turnaround time from the screen room to the pressroom
7. Unsurpassed UV-light undercutting protection of the yellow mesh
8. Adhesion and preparation optimized mesh surface
9. Reproducible mesh relaxation
10. Good ink and paste release behaviour
11. Good antistatic behaviour thanks to SPRING antistatic treatment
12. Wide standard range with high availability.
13. Faster tension without damage to the threads
14. Improved fabric strength
15. Faster tension stabilization
16. Higher tension threshold and breaking point
17. Less tension loss during the stretching process
18. Improved registration due to stable tension
19 Faster Print Speeds
Applicationundertake printing goodsPlasticsPackaging products, containers, toys, bags, plastic bags, signs
MetalSigns, operation panel, dashboard, components
PaperAdvertising, trademarks, wallpaper
wooden productSigns, sporting goods, lacquer wooden crafts
GlassAll kinds of moulded products, bottles, cups
Application industryPrinting and dyeingKnitwear, textiles, clothing, flags, backpacks, boxes
ElectronicsPrinted circuit boards, thick-film printing
Industrial artSilkscreen prints, celebrities Crafts, oil paintings
Commercial decorationHousehold appliances, household hardware
CeramicDecals, direct decoration
Publishing and printingBraille books, books cover
achitechiveAll kinds of wallpaper, murals

The application of various specifications of the screen mesh
Garment printing:
Glitter 25-60; Flock adhesive 45-125
Puff-up colours 55-125; Overprint 80 -110
Pigment ink printing, areas/lines 110 -175
Plastisol transfer 125-305
Universal fabric 125; Plastisol direct 125-305
Pigment inks, half-tone 155-255 ;
Sublimation transfer 195-305
Glaze printing, coarse, embossed effect 15-55
Glaze printing, medium to fine 55-155
In and under-glaze (direct printing) 110-255
Printed circuit boards:
Overlay solder mask 30 -45
Graphic Screen Printing:
(Glass Containers, Labels, Large Format UV Graphic, Small Format UV Graphic, Solvent Graphics, Tubes and Cartridges),
Line artwork 230 -305, Halftone screens up to 70 lines/in. 305-380
Halftone screens from 70-133 lines/in. 380 -420, Objects (plastics, etc.)
Opaque areas 255-305 , Halftone and fine lines 305-420
Textiles, flat films:
Heavy décor fabrics (terry cloth, denim) 45-123,Smooth, dense fabrics (table cloths, curtains) 110-155
Light, porous material 195-305
Areas/lines 195-380, Fine lines/half-tone 255-420, Gold and lustre inks 305-420
Glass -Automotive glass:
Black surrounds for rear/side windows 125-195, Antennas 195-255
Silver paste (defroster) 195-255, Architectural glass, Windows, doors 55-195, Mirrors 195-305
Cosmetic bottles:
Inks 195-305, Precious metals 305-380
Bottles, glasses 125-305
Ovens, etc. (masks) 110 -175, Ovens, etc. (lines and half-tones) 195-255, Lampshades, furniture 125-255
Shop signs 110 -195, Photosensitive solder mask 60 -175
Membrane keypads and overlays:
Insulation lacquer 90 -175, Silver conductive paste 125-175, Adhesive 125-195, Transparent windows 305
Touchscreens and Displays Printing mesh
Flat screens of better quality and attractive designs have become normal household items. Screen printing belongs in the picture here, too. Whether used in a combination stencil or as a pure polyester-stencil carrier, the customized properties of Touchscreens and Displays Printing mesh provide improved performance in your entire process chain.
The explosive spread of tablet PCs and smartphones proves that the touchscreens revolution has only just begun. The explosive spread of tablet PCs and smartphones proves that the touchscreens revolution has only just begun.
Our Advantages

The quality of our products comes from the following aspects:

1. Material: We use two kinds of raw materials, one is high-quality raw materials --Jintong wire, and one is the import of high-quality Japanese wire.
2. Equipment: Our equipment 3 years ago were all updated, and the new production line put into operation, after nearly six months of repeated debugging, accurate calibration, stable operation, the quality of the finished product of effective control and protection, and into the market, customers get good feedback.
3. Technical worker: Our technical workers are after strict operation and training, after passing the examination of practice, go to work, the operation technology is mature and stable, so as to ensure the quality of products. And constantly on new technology, new technology to learn, to enhance the skills of skilled workers.
4. Operating technology: our operating technology is based on the performance parameters of the new equipment, and the different materials used, after the guidance of experts in the wire mesh industry, and through the actual production inspection and adjustment and development.
5. Working environment: clean, neat and orderly work environment, is the factory should give a comfortable production staff workplaces, so as to ensure that employees feel comfortable, but also to ensure the efficient working condition and rigorous work habits, and ultimately ensure the quality of the products.
Quality Control

Quality Control

· Mesh Count inspect
· Thickness inspect
· Thread diameter& Hole size inspect
· Tensile Strength inspect
· Surface Tension test
· Dedicated and experienced weavers
· Consistent quality products
· On-time delivery. Timely tracking of goods, and timely delivery of information to customers· We have 10 R&D technical staff, with more than 18 years of experience
· 86% repeat customers
· Improve after-sales service.
We ensure the normal operation of the above measures every day, in order to meet the needs of different customers with different needs, to meet customer demand for the quality the stability of the product. We firmly believe that the provision of quality and stability of products for customers to win the market and increase the income of the best protection. Cooperation from now on, look forward to your arrival!
SPRING screen printing mesh is a kind of high-precision product, that takes polyester filament as raw material, is made with plain weave or balanced twill weave, and features tensile force and low stretch-back rate. It is widely used in T-shirts, textiles, ceramics, paper, electronics, graphics, glass, plastic and packaging, sign and label printing, and other industrial printing tasks. Thanks to its speciality, complete specifications and stable quality, SPRING silk screen mesh have long-term trust and popularity from domestic and foreign consumers.
Material selection is the first working procedure for production, which is an important function of product quality. In order to ensure good quality, we give priority to material selection. It has not only introduced Japanese polyester filament but also established a close and friendly cooperative relationship with domestic excellent polyester filament manufacturers. Meanwhile, in terms of every working procedure in production, The company arranges the person responsible and establishes the individual responsibility mechanism. Every batch of products must pass strict tests before they are packed and stored. we have seven workshops: a warping workshop, a dragging and reading workshop, an inspection workshop, a cleaning workshop, a moulding workshop and a rolling workshop. every workshop complies with rigorous quality control and standard operation process; we seek greater perfection in every detail, strive to promote product competitiveness, and truly be responsible for every product and every customer. We adhere to the "integrity, innovation, responsibility" concept to provide customers with high-quality products, and perfect service. We have won favourable comments from old and new customers. We are glad to establish good relationships with more and more customers from all over the world.

100mesh 100% Polyester Silk Screen Printing Mesh for Screen Printing

Product Parameters
Polyester Monofilament Mesh
TypeMesh Count
Mesh Count
Thread Diameter
Mesh Opening
Open Area
DPP 77T18350107957640
DPP 88T2030095058550
DPP 1010T2525075056445
DPP 1212T3025058349450
DPP 1616T4020042546400
DPP 2020S5010040064200
DPP 2020T5015035049260
DPP 2020HD5018032041338
DPP 2424S6010031758190
DPP 2424T6012029751220
DPP 2727T707030066125
DPP 3232S808023355140
DPP 3232T8010021346170
DPP 3434T8610019444170
DPP 3636S908019851137
DPP 3636T9010017841198
DPP 3939S100552016295
DPP 3939T1008017647141
DPP 3939HD10010015637185
DPP 4343T1108015343132
DPP 4747S120551585595
DPP 4747T1207114244135
DPP 5353S135551345095
DPP 5353T1356412544118
DPP 5353HD1357111839130
DPP 5959S150551144688
DPP 5959T1506410539105
DPP 6161T155551094484
DPP 6262T15564973697
DPP 6464S163551014285
DPP 6464T163649235100
DPP 6868S17355923985
DPP 6868T173648332100
DPP 7272S18348914389
DPP 7272T183558436100
DPP 7777T19555753386
DPP 8080T20048773876
DPP 9090S23045663569
DPP 9090T23048633276
DPP 100100T25040603661
DPP 110110T28040513158
DPP 120120S30031523953
DPP 120120T30034493558
DPP 120120HD30040432765
DPP 140140S35031403249
DPP 140140T35034372759
DPP 150150S38031362952
DPP 150150T38034332460
DPP 165165S42027343144
DPP 165165T42031302453
DPP 180180T46027292642
DPP 200200T50027232145
Remark: These are theoretical data for reference only.
Mesh Opening & Open Area only slight errors according to actual data.
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